Mila Fargo is a Spanish-American; Artist/Designer, Director and Music Composer. Hailing from Los Angeles California, Fargo's haute couture designs have been worn by pop icons and influencers alike. Notably in music videos and live at the Academy Awards 'Oscars' at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Fargo was born mid summer, is the youngest of three and has been surrounded by the fashion industry since birth. Fargo's mother, Sarah worked as a couturier/dressmaker. Creating leather fashion designs for pop icon Madonna in the mid 1980's and costuming for the Walt Disney Company. Fargo's father, worked creating swimsuits for designer Betsey Johnson. MF states "Fashion is Embedded in my blood, it is in our family DNA, tracing far back to my family lineage". Growing up Fargo took to the Arts naturally and showed an early aptitude, winning coveted awards for works of Art in college. At 18, Fargo truly realized his own talents and parted conventional school to devote entirely to the Arts. Thus, honing into the cultivation of his craft. While Fargo is self-taught he went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Fine Art and Music at SMC of California. Fargo's artwork ranging from oil paintings to graphic design have been exclusively exhibited in influential gallery instillation's throughout Los Angeles and the US.

2012: Under the newly formed MF Atelier. Fargo debuted his first line of RTW | Eco-Luxe T-Shirts. Spring Summer 2012 entitled 'ARTCYNIC' a play on the words; art, arsenic/poison. Fargo's unorthodox views on ( Society, Pop-culture, Art and Science ) Symbolic themes inherent to the new MF brand/house. Fargo coined the term 'ECO-LUXE' in Ready to wear; Environmentally conscious luxury clothing made of 100% Organic Cottons, Hemp and Sustainable fabrics. A new collection released every season, with Limited Edition designs. Notably iconic the original 'Mouse Decay' Mickey Mouse Skull T- Shirt, was debuted first on pop icon Britney Spears in the music video: "I Wanna Go" as a customized crop top made exclusively for the video and single album cover. Also featured in MF's first ever directed avant-garde fashion film campaign "Mouse Decay" Featuring models wearing custom Mickey Ears covered in Black Oil. Inspiring many brands and artists to follow suit with knock offs of the design. It was also featured in gaming series and commercials.

NOW:  Fargo is producing his latest vision set for Spring Summer 2025. ( The new 'Untitled' short film and show date originally set for 'Summer 2020'. Placed on hold due to the world pandemic, now coming late Summer 2025 ). Including a range of RTW Collections for Summer 2025; Menswear, jewelry, shoes and handbags. Fargo elaborates: "Every show I produce, will be bigger than the last. A visceral perspective, a feast for the senses. They will embody a voice of their own, experimentation, futurism..It's all inherent to my philosophy, lifestyle and brand, no one has a clue what's coming" - M.FARGO 

This only builds on Fargo's growing reputation. As the newest visionary Artist of a generation to be reckoned with.



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